What people are saying

Jay is an excellent DJ and I would recommend him to anyone who was in need of a DJ for any sort of function.  His communication skills are remarkable and he can read the crowd to perfection.

Throughout my brother’s wedding, which was in September, I received nothing but positive comments about the music, and how well Jay continuously played what the crowd wanted to hear.  Still to this day I hear from family members and friends how great Jay was throughout the night of the wedding.  I have also given his information out to those who have requested his services. I would gladly answer any requests for further information.

Dale-Marie Maarse

Jay!! We cant thank you enough for your amazing DJ skills at our buck and doe last night!!! We throughly enjoyed all the incredible music you played and your awesome job as host!!

Amber Lynn

Thanks so much for a wonderful time.

Blair and I really enjoyed the music as did all our guests.  You really did an amazing job keeping everyone partying on the dance floor all night and that is exactly what we wanted.  Thanks again for being our DJ for our Buck and Doe and our Wedding.

Thanks again,
Sabrina & Blair Wale

I really didn’t think I would find you on facebook!

I wasn’t sure if Jamie passed on our thanks for the awesome job you did at our wedding last minute!! I had a thought to maybe check his thousands of friends and see if you might happen to have facebook LOL. I hope you had a great time. It sure was nice to meet you! If I ever need a DJ again for anything I hope we can call on you.

Thanks again for a fantastic job you did!!!

All the best,
Sarah & Kenny